Improving Pet/Owner Relationships

Through Personalized Training Programs





Group Classes

PBH offers many levels of obedience training for the family pet and for those who wish to compete.  Start your 9-14 week old puppy in the Puppy Primer, head into the Senior Puppy class then move on to Pet Obedience.  Once your dog has the basics, you will enjoy the extra skills in the Advanced Pet Obedience class which will help your dog be well-behaved in the community.  Finally, refine your skills and learn about the fun of competition obedience in the Team Building and Rally-Obedience classes.  See detailed descriptions of these classes below.

For information on class days and times and to register for a class, go to the schedule page.

Private lessons with PBH instructors

Private lessons by our instructors are available at a cost of $35.00 for 1/2 hour, $65.00 for an hour at the PBH training center.   Private lessons are good for people with variable schedules who can not commit to the same time for 6 weeks or as a supplement to the group classes when one-on-one help is desired. 

Behavioral Counseling / Problem Solving / Agility Privates

For aggression, anxiety or difficult obedience problems, sessions with our behavioral counselor, Valerie Olszyk, are recommended.  These are offered at the PBH training center for $100 per hour or a discounted rate of $85 per hour for students currently enrolled in a PBH class.  This rate ($85) also applies to private agility lessons.   In cases where in-home sessions are needed (such as behavioral counseling for cats) there is an additional travel fee based on distance.

Group Obedience Class Descriptions

Puppy Primer:  This class is for puppies 9-16 weeks old at the start of the class.  Cost of class includes “Puppy Primer” by Brenda Scidmore and Dr. Patricia McConnell.  Rescue puppies receive a 10% discount.  Puppies do not attend the first class

Senior Puppy:  This class is for puppies 16- 24 weeks old at the start of the class.  Students who take the Senior Puppy in the session directly following their completion of the Puppy Primer  receive a $25 discount on enrollment.  Rescue puppies receive a 10% discount.  Puppies do not attend the first week of this class.  

Puppy Class: – This class is for any puppy under 7 months at the start of class.  Puppies do not attend the first class. Rescue puppies receive a 10% discount.  

Pet Obedience For dogs of any age and puppies 6 months and older.  Dogs do not attend the first class. Dog and puppies rescued within 6 months of enrollment receive a 10% discount.

Advanced Pet Obedience This is an advanced obedience class where dog learn to walk nicely around other dogs and people, work on longer stays and build more self-control in distractions.  Price includes a free PBH CGC evaluation.  Students who have not graduated from a PBH Sr. Puppy or Pet Obedience class must come to a free evaluation.  See calendar for day/time of evaluation.  Students who wish to ensure a space in this class should send in their registration, waiver and check prior to the test.  Students who take the Adv. Pet Obed  class  in the session directly following their completion of the Sr. Puppy or Pet Obedience class receive a $20 discount on enrollment.

   Evaluation:     During the test the handler is encouraged to use any positive

                            methods including food, toys and repeated commands.


                            1.  Sit on command without immediately getting up

                            2.  Down on command without immediately getting up

                            3.  15 second stay with dog in any position and handler in any position

                            4.  Restrained recall with distractions

                            5.  Move with handler while on leash without dragging handler

                                 or being dragged continuously

                            6.  Ability to be in a class setting with other dogs without being

                                 disruptive (no continuous barking or lunging)

                            7.  Ability to do 2 tricks


Recall Class:  This class will focus on getting a reliable recall in increasing distractions and using many different methods for rewarding your dog.  Prereq:  PBH Sr. Puppy, Pet Obedience or equivalent group obedience class. 


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