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The PBH agility curriculum offers a comprehensive program designed to take students from their first agility experience through competition at the highest levels of the sport.  We use positive methods to build drive and motivation to keep dogs and handlers happy while we train. Above all, we  promote the FUN of playing with a well-trained partner.

Group Classes

 If your dog has already had obedience training, then you are all set to start with Agility Foundations 1.  If not, please see our obedience class offerings. For those already training in agility, please see detailed descriptions of these classes below.  New agility students with prior training may choose to have a free evaluation prior to enrollment.  We also have Flyball classes for you and your dog to enjoy.

For information on class days and times and to register for a class, go to the schedule page.

Private lessons with PBH instructors

Private lessons by our instructors are available at a cost of $40.00 for 1/2 hour, $85.00 for an hour at the PBH training center.   Private lessons are good for people with variable schedules who can not commit to the same time for 6 weeks or as a supplement to the group classes when one-on-one help is desired. 

Schedule and Registration


Calendar of Classes & Events

(including weather-related cancellations)

Group Sport Class Descriptions                                           

***Note: Any new student with prior agility experience can schedule a free evaluation to be placed into an appropriate class.  Contact Valerie to schedule an appointment.****

Flyball This class will cover both beginner and intermediate flyball exercises including jumping and box turns.  No experience required however dogs must be at least 1 year old and have basic obedience training. 

Agility Foundations  1: Class will focus on building teamwork between the dog and handler. Exercises cover: attention in distractions; teaching your dog to play with you; finding what your dog loves and using it for training; switching between drive and relaxation; focus in drive; shaping to obstacles;  beginning handling moves; and many more exercises designed to create a great sport dog.  Also great for those who want to achieve better focus in distractions, learn to play with your dog and build your dog’s confidence.  Students who have not graduated from a PBH class must come to a free evaluation.  See calendar for day/time.  Students who wish to ensure a space in this class should enroll prior to the evaluation.  Prerequisite: Dog must know, sit, down, come, watch and attention and handler must know how to use a marker word or clicker. (Formerly Sports Foundations) 

    Evaluation:     During the test the handler is encouraged to use any positive

                            methods including food, toys and repeated commands.


                            1.  Sit on command without immediately getting up

                            2.  Down on command without immediately getting up

                            3.  15 second stay with dog in any position and handler in any position

                            4.  Restrained recall with distractions

                            5.  Move with handler while on leash without dragging handler

                                 or being dragged continuously

                            6.  Ability to be in a class setting with other dogs without being

                                 disruptive (no continuous barking or lunging)

                            7.  Ability to do 2 tricks

Agility Foundations  2: This class introduces small agility equipment and continues to teach handling skills, jumping and weave poles.  Prereq:  Agility Foundations 1 or equivalent.

Agility Foundations  3: This class increases height of climbing equipment, introduces, chute, involves longer sequences and develops handling skills in longer sequences.  Prereq:  Agility Foundations 2 or equivalent.

Agility Foundations  4: Class transitions dog/handler teams from the small agility equipment to full size contacts in a full-size agility field. Focus is on keeping the dog and handler together in a more distracting environment, increasing handler skills and developing the dog's confidence on full-height obstacles.    Teeter is introduced.  Prereq:  Agility Foundations 3 or equivalent.

Pre-competition Teams: Class will focus on handling in short sequences, obstacle independence without targets and teeter and weave performance will be practiced. Also covers types of turns and obstacle/handler focus introduction. Prereq: Dog must be under control off-leash in the outside training areas, able to do the dogwalk and A-frame at full height on the first attempt (targets okay) and performing jumps and tunnels independently. (Formerly Intermediate Agility 2)

Novice Teams: Class focus shifts from obstacle performance to handling in longer sequences. Many of these dogs may be competing in some venues. Prereq: Dog must perform A-frame and Dogwalk without targets and teeter full-height with targets. (Formerly Intermediate Agility 3)

Open Teams: Teams will work on skills needed for Novice and Open competition on sequences and courses including discriminations. Many of these dogs may be competing successfully at the Novice level and are working towards Open. Prereq: Dogs must perform all contacts independently without targets and should be weaving. Exceptions may be made on an individual basis, but courses will include weave poles.  Dogs should have AKC Novice Standard title, CPE level 3 standard title or permission of instructor. (Formerly Advanced Agility 1)

Advanced Teams: For teams with the skills to compete at the Advanced level who want to improve speed, accuracy and obstacle performance on more challenging courses. Prereq: USDAA Novice Standard title, AKC Open Standard title or permission of instructor. (Formerly Advanced Agility 2)

Masters Teams: For teams driving towards the top levels of competition. Courses will be challenging and focus will be on speed, accuracy and independence on tough courses. Prereq: USDAA Advanced Standard title, AKC Excellent A title or permission of instructor. (Formerly Advanced 3)

Advanced Training Group: For Masters/Excellent handlers with young dogs in competition. Many of the skills will be the same as in the Masters Team class, but skills drills will be mixed in with courses to bring the young dogs to their full potential. Prereq: Handlers must have competed in Masters or Excellent with a previous dog. Permission of instructor required to enroll.

Young Teams: For experienced agility handlers with young dogs just starting out. Dogs will be introduced to obstacles and handling. Prereq: Permission of instructor required to enroll. (formerly Young Dogs)

Masters Sequences: In this class students will practice the skills needed for successful competition at the highest levels of the sport.  Students should be trialing at the Excellent B or Masters level or have permission of the instructor to take the class.

Novice Sequences:  In this class, students learn the basic equipment and handling skills to prepare for competition at the Novice level.  Weaves not required.

Agility Run-Throughs   This is an opportunity to practice with your dog on a USDAA or AKC competition course.  Cost is $5 per dog. No pre-registration is required.  Check web calendar for schedule.  Each dog/handler team will have 3 minutes on the course to practice, alternating turns with the other teams present.



    1. Dog must be able to safely perform all obstacles presented to the dog (i.e. if your dog does not do the teeter at full height, you can come to the run-throughs as long as you have enough control over your dog to skip the teeter). Dogs who do not meet these criteria in the opinion of the PBH-designated monitor will be asked to leave and refrain from returning until they have advanced in their training.
    2. Handlers must use appropriate and positive training techniques. Handlers who are unsportsman-like or use overly harsh methods in the opinion of the PBH-designated monitor will be asked to leave.
    3. Handler must provide proof of vaccinations and sign a waiver.



Specialty ClassesWe often offer classes to practice special agility skills.  See schedule for availability and description.

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