Improving Pet/Owner Relationships

Through Personalized Training Programs



Weave Poles
Dog Park Guidelines



Val's guide to teaching agility turns (pivot, front cross, rear cross, counter-hand turn) on a single jump


Val's guide to training and buying channel weaves.


Val's guide to using a dog park



The following are some links to useful training sites:



   Dog Patch   Tons of agility links and other dog-related information


  Clean Run Events Search for all sorts of agility events by state.


  NADAC   Get the rules, register your dog and check for titles at the NADAC web site


 AKC   Get the rules, find out about registration and look for trials on the AKC web site


USDAA  Get the rules, register your dog and track your titles at the USDAA web site


    Canine Cafe  Shop for dog and breed gifts created by Diane Lewis


  Diane Lewis Photography  View and purchase pictures of dog events by Diane Lewis



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