Improving Pet/Owner Relationships

Through Personalized Training Programs






  1. All classes will be taught be a certified PBH instructor.

  2. Normal class size will be limited to 7 dog/handler teams with one designated handler per dog.


  1. In Beginning Agility 1, 2 and 3 if there is a certified PBH assistant 8 dog/handler teams will be allowed.

  2. If two PBH certified instructors co-teach a class then 8 dog/handler teams will be allowed.

  3. In the Novice and Advanced Training groups a maximum of 2 dogs per handler will be allowed.

  1. Each class consists of 6 - 60 minute sessions.

  2. Entrance requirements for each class will be enforced based on the judgment of the instructor.

  3. In the Beginning Agility 1-3, Intermediate Agility 1  and Pet Obedience classes the material covered each week builds upon the lessons from the previous weeks.  Students who miss a class are strongly encouraged to schedule a make-up session to catch up with the rest of the class.  Make-up sessions can be schedule by contacting the instructor or Valerie Olszyk.  The cost is $25 for 1/2 hour or $40 for an hour.  If two students miss the same material, an hour make-up lesson can be split for $20 each.

  4. If there are multiple classes at the same level, a student who can not make their regularly scheduled class may ask for permission to attend the other class.  Permission will only be granted if the other class is not full and if the instructor feels that the unfamiliar dog will not disrupt the class.  Switching classes may not be done more than twice per session and must be scheduled in advance.


  1. Dogs must be on-leash and under control at all times
  2. All dogs must have proof of vaccinations and a signed waiver on file before participating in any events
  3. All handlers must clean up after their dogs at all times anywhere on the property.
  4. No unapproved dog-dog interactions. Every handler must keep his/her dog away from other dogs unless they have specifically asked the other handler if the dogs can interact at that time.
  5. Females in heat will not be allowed to participate in the Intro, Starters or Basics class. At the instructors discretion, females in heat will be allowed to participate in advanced classes (Intermediate 2 and above) when a trial or event is not scheduled within 2 weeks. The instructor must be informed at least 2 days prior to class. This rule will allow advanced dog/handler teams to proof against this type of distraction with the guidance of the instructor.
  6. Any dog that a PBH certified instructor deems to be highly disruptive, unruly or dangerous can be excused from group classes at any time. The handler will be referred to private consultations and a refund for the remaining classes will be given.
  7. A full credit/transfer/refund will be given if Pet Behavior Help, Inc. cancels class. If a client cancels class before attending, the client will be refunded the tuition fee minus a $25 processing fee. Refunds for cancellations after classes begin will be prorated and subject to the $25 processing fee.
  8. Only PBH certified instructors whose dogs are 100% reliable will be allowed to use the pond. This is joint property with the house behind the barn and our neighbor must not be disrupted. He has 2 dogs inside an electric fence on the other side of the pond and is very fond of his geese. Any dog allowed near the pond area must be controlled so that it does not go into the yard or chase the geese.

Field Use

  1. Field use passes may be purchased by students who have completed at least one session of Intermediate Agility or above and are currently enrolled in PBH classes. Session passes cost $30 per session for PBH students and $15 per session for active PBH Assistants.  Annual passes are available for $150 dollars or $75 for active PBH Assistants. Active PBH instructors have free use of the field for practice during practice hours.  
  2. Practice hours are 8:00AM to dusk when the field is not in use for other PBH activities.  Check the PBH Calendar for field availability.
  3. You must read and follow the field practice guidelines.
  4. If you arrive and someone else is already using the field, they have 30 minutes to finish before turning the field over to you. Sharing the field is done by mutual consent only.  Never enter the field without permission when someone else is using it.
  5. If you move equipment during practice, you must put it back how you found it before you leave.  Use extra jump bars to mark the location of jumps or other obstacles so that they can be replaced exactly as you found them when you leave.  Targets should be returned to the basket or under each end of the A-frame and dog walk.  The A-frame should be left at competition height (black marker) and the height of the dog walk and teeter should not be changed for practice.  Any equipment that is not in use may be used for practice but should be moved off the field before you leave.    Failure to follow this rule will result in the restriction or elimination of field practice.
  6. You must read and follow the field practice guidelines  to be eligible for this privilege.

Weather Policy

Classes will be cancelled in unsafe weather conditions such as:

  1. Thunderstorms

  2. Heat Index over 100 degrees at class time

  3. Frozen ground

  4. Dangerous driving conditions 


All cancellations will be posted on the Calendar page as soon as possible based on the forecast and current conditions.  Please check the website before coming to class if you have any doubts.  Make-up classes will be scheduled based on the availability of the instructor and the majority of the students in each class and whenever possible are held on the same day and time the week following end of the regular session.


Instructor Qualifications

PBH instructors must be certified for all classes up to the level they wish to teach. For instance, a PBH certified Intermediate 1 instructor must be certified for assisting the Beginning Agility 1, 2, 3 and Intermediate 1 class. The following are the requirements for each level of certification.

  1. Beginning Agility 1
  1. Participate in the PBH instructor training
  2. Assist a PBH certified instructor in at least one class
  3. Be recommended for certification by a PBH certified instructor
   2.    Beginning Agility 2 and 3
  1. Have earned a Novice standard title (NA, NAC, AD) in AKC, NADAC or USDAA
  2. Participate in the PBH instructor training
  3. Assist a PBH certified instructor in at least one class
  4. Be recommended for certification by a PBH certified instructor
   3.    Intermediate 1 & 2:
  1. Have earned an Open standard title (OA, OAC, AAD) in AKC, NADAC or USDAA
  2. Participate in the PBH instructor training
  3. Assist a PBH certified instructor in at least one class
  4. Be recommended for certification by a PBH certified instructor

Instructor Responsibilities

  1. Maintain a safe and supportive atmosphere for training and learning.
  2. Follow the PBH curriculum for each class. (Suggestions for changes and improvements are welcome and encouraged, but must be approved before use in classes.)
  3. Enforce the PBH Training Center Rules
  4. Maintain good relationships with the neighbors. (Our ability to continue to lease this wonderful location relies on the good will of the people in the houses surrounding the property. Please reduce the noise-level as much as possible, use lights in the fields only during class hours and make sure that dogs are controlled at all times.)
  5. Promote and mentor new instructors.

Instructors Benefits

PBH Certified Instructors:

  1. Earn 1 free class for each class taught per session.
  2. Have free use of the field for practice during business hours when the field is not in use for PBH activities.

PBH Assistant Instructors

  1. Earn a 50% discount on one class for every class in which they assist.
  2. Earn a 50% discount on field use passes.

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