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Stuart Mah Agility Seminar 9/4 - 9/9/2013

 Stuart Mah has been one of the nation's leading and innovative agility personalities for more than two decades. He is considered one of the foremost authorities on course design and course analysis. Stuart has won 7 national championships and has been a 9-time member of USA international agility teams. Most recently, Stuart and his 5 year old Border Collie "Ares" earned 4 gold medals and 1 silver at the 2012 IFCS World Championships. They also won the 2012 USDAA national championship. Ares has been the USDAA #1 dog in all classes for the second straight year.

Stuart not only excels at competing with his own dogs but is also brilliant at teaching others how to reach their agility goals. Stuart works with all breeds of dogs with special emphasis placed on customizing the help for each individual dog and handler. Stuart's training programs offer the opportunity for handlers to learn why their dogs do what they do and how to easily train them for better results. This opportunity affords the handler a more thorough knowledge of agility training than just obstacle performance and handling alone. The attendees learn that how a dog gets to an obstacle is just as important as doing the obstacle. In addition, Stuart focuses on teaching the dog to use his body effectively for better performance and minimizing injury.

Whether you're a local competitor or you wish to be world class, a Stuart Mah seminar will help you be a better trainer as well as a better handler.


Wednesday, 9/4: Drive/Soften & Handler/Obstacle Focus Basics 

Learn how to teach drive and motivation to obstacles and still be able to turn your dog using Stuart Mah’s methods for signaling your dog when to drive forward and extend to an obstacle and when to shorten and prepare to turn. This session will use jumps and tunnels only and is appropriate for any level dog/handler team; even young dogs. A must for anyone new to Stuart and a pre-requisite for additional days for those who have not taken a previous Stuart seminar


Thursday, 9/5: Advanced Repeaters

 We will apply handler/obstacle focus in sequences appropriate for dog/handler teams who are competing or ready to compete on all the obstacles. Pre-req: Previous Mah seminar or Basics (9/4) and competent on all obstacles.


Friday, 9/6: Push the Limits

International handling and mental challenges for those who want to learn how to negotiate Master Challenge and IFCS style courses. Pre-req: Previous Mah seminar or Basics (9/4) and competing at Masters/Excellent or by permission only.


Saturday, 9/7: Masters Repeaters   

We will apply handler/obstacle focus in challenging sequences for dog/handler teams who are competing successfully at the Advanced or Masters level. Pre-req: Previous Mah seminar or Basics (9/4) and competing at Masters/Excellent or by permission only.


Sunday, 9/8: Just Getting Started

This session is for puppies and young dogs just getting started in agility.  Stuart will teach his foundation program as we help these new dogs learn to enjoy the game.  Prereq:  Desire to have fun!  This session will run from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM.



Monday, 9/9: Crazy Stuart Games

Stuart is famous for devising fun games that challenge the handler mentally and help to bring the dog/handler team together. This will be a day full of these games. Pre-req: Previous Mah seminar or Basics (9/4). Courses will likely use all obstacles.




Each day will run from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Working spots cost $200 and auditing is $65 per day.  The fabulous and popular lunches from Amante’s will be provided for all attendees as well as snacks and water.


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